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Vacuum Packing Machine
Vacuum Packing Machine
Nitrogen filling systems equipped with nitrogen generator, oil free(less) pump as well as miniaturized are used in the fields of food packing, semiconductor parts packing, delay of oxidization of wine, prevention of decomposition and bad smell in the cinerary urn, etc. These kinds of effects have brought many advantages to the end-users like cost down, extension of the period of circulation.

We applied a utility model and patent for nitrogen gas filling system. Our competitive cost enables many end-users to buy nitrogen generators. It is the most recommendable system when it comes to packaging for food and semiconductor parts, etc. especially in the place in which main air is not available.

  Vacuum Packing Machine
Vacuum Packing Machine Vacuum packing machine is part of a new complete food storage system that helps keep the freshness of food from the spoiling of the food. Vacuum packing machine removes the air completely from the vacuum bag and protect the freshness of food from the spoil of food by limiting the contact with the air. The way of sealing the product is placing product in the vacuum packing machine. And the lid is closed to remove the air from the bag. Using Vacuum packing machine is an innovative idea for us to have our food fresh all the time.
  - The most popular and competitive composition and specification(best seller)
-Materialized the most functions equipped with latest digital controller in Korea:Adhesion+Vacuum(3 modes)+
  Gas filling(4 modes)+25 preset memories
-easy how to operate the machine and speedy operational efficiency(Available both analog and digital controller)
-Available both blast painted appearance and stainless steel frame as option
-One body structure with the cover and the frame-Strong main body structure and refined appearance
-applicable wide range from the food to the electronics, pharmaceuticals-use major parts bought from famous
- Deliberate safety design to the level of the developed countries
Effect after use
  - Maintain freshness of the food and the beverage-Control of bacteria proliferation
- Maintain essential quality of the medicine
- Control of chemical reaction in the vessel(container)
- Keeping industrial products and its parts for a long time
- Snacks-Extending the period of circulation
- Keeping the dewpoint at minimum
- 60℃ in the low degree of purity
- The inhibition of oxidization of smokeleslead-Moisture prevention and improving spread
- I hibition of oxidization of semiconductor and eletronic parts
- I nhibition of oxidization and prevention of explosion in the nitrogen atmosphere(filling)
- Prevention of dew forming when D-RAM, NANO
- Flash memory are inspected
Model Size of Adhesion(mm) Consumed electricity Pump Capacity Machine Size Machine Weight
(mm) kw ℓ/m W X D X H (mm) kg


450X10 2.0 124


GVD-60EN2 600X10 2.8 187 670X460X1020  
GVD-80EN2 800X10 3.5 247 870X460X1020  


1000X10 3.7



The common evening sunlight electric evening sunlight Ability to work Required Air Pressure ethod of Adhesion

AC220V, 1ph, 50,60hz



Impulse Sealing

  - Double Heater(In Case of M type Envelope)
- Oil Pump(In Case of Vacuum Capacity improved/increased)
- Air Pressure(5~6Kg.f/㎠)
- HOT Printer-Product Fixing Stand(Made of Stainless Steel)
- Angle Adjusting Equipment
- Twin nozzle
- Electrically Powered High and Low Regulating (Controlling) Lathe
- Available Air Compressor Equipped
Characteristics of Digital Controller
  Vacuum Packing Machine | Nitrogen Flushing Machine
  • Most modes in Korea: Sealing + Vacuum (3 Modes) + Gas Charging (4 Modes) => 8 modes
  • 25 preset memories which are the largest in Korea that offer easy-to-handle and rapid conversion to different work
  • Heat wire cutoff alarm system for the first time in Korea
  • Quick Mode applied to simplify handling and convenient for bulk operation
  • Key lock to prevent malfunction
  • Vacuum sensor for reliable vacuum packing
  • LED built-in to rapidly diagnose the machine
  • Compatible with external devices with many options

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