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Vacuum Sealer GHV-Series

Vacuum Sealers GHV - 600/800/1000/1200 Series
A vertically and horizontally adjustable nozzle vacuum sealer GHV-Series. The height of the head and the shelf is adjustable and it is an appropriate model when you pack heavy products or awkward products such as pouch bags.

It can be used to prevent oxidation, discoloration, decoloration, and pollution or to fix a product.
The more developed industry becomes, the more important it is that products are stabilized and safe. As a vacuum packer for industrial use in the food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, it has multi-functions and performances.

  Vacuum Sealers Vacuum Sealers
  • Good for packing heavy products, powdered products or bulk products
  • Head angle and height freely adjustable (manual or automatic)
  • Multi-functional with analog or digital controller: Sealing + Vacuum (2 Modes) + Gas Charging (4 Modes)(Replaceable)
  • High-quality parts used
  • Safety design comprehensive enough to meet the standards of advanced countries
Model Sealing Size(mm) Power Consumption Pump Capacity Dimension Weight
Width Length kw ℓ/m W X D X H (mm) kg
GHV-600E 10 600 2.0 124 750 X 650 X 1300  
GHV-800E 10 800 2.8 187 940 X 650 X 1300  
GHV-1000E 10 1000 3.0 247 1140 X 700 X 1300  
GHV-1200E 10 1200 3.2 312 1340 X 700 X 1300  
Common Electrical Specifications Work Capacity Air Consumption Sealing Method
AC220V, 1Ph, 50/60Hz 2~6 5~6kg Impulse Sealing
Features of Digital Controller
  Vacuum Sealer GHV-Series
  • Most modes in Korea: Sealing + Vacuum (3 Modes) + Gas Charging (4 Modes) => 8 modes
  • 25 preset memories which are the largest in Korea that offer easy-to-handle and rapid conversion to different work
  • Heat wire cutoff alarm system for the first time in Korea
  • Quick Mode applied to simplify handling and convenient for bulk operation
  • Key lock to prevent malfunction
  • Vacuum sensor for reliable vacuum packing
  • LED built-in to rapidly diagnose the machine
  • Compatible with external devices with many options