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Vacuum Sealer GVD-Series

Vacuum Sealers GVD-45/60/80/100 Series
A stand vacuum packer with an air compressor that implements the operation of the product by supplying power and air pressure. It is a portable product and the most popular high-quality model.
It is applicable in a variety of industries such as IT, and BT. It can be used to prevent oxidation, discoloration, decoloration, and pollution or to fix a product.

The more developed industry becomes, the more important it is that products are stabilized and safe. As a vacuum packer for industrial use in the electronics and the bio industry, it has multi-functions and performances
  Vacuum Sealers Vacuum Sealers Vacuum Sealers
  • Most popular and competitive composition and specification (Best Seller)
  • Easy to use with most functions with state-of-the art digital controller in Korea
    : Sealing + Vacuum (3 Modes)+ Gas Charging (4 Modes) + 25 Preset Memories
  • Easy to operate and rapid work (analog and digital controller selectable)
  • Powder-coated frame or stainless steel frame selectable
  • All-in-one structure with cover and frame: A strong body and luxurious appearance
  • Widely used from foods to electronic appliances and medicines
  • High-quality parts produced by well-known makers
  • Safety design comprehensive enough to meet the standards of advanced countries
Model Sealing Size(mm) Power Consumption Pump Capacity Dimension Weight
Width Length kw ℓ/m W X D X H (mm) kg
GVD-45E 10 450 2.0 124 530 X 460 X 1020 68
GVD-60E 10 600 2.8 187 670 X 460 X 1020 70
GVD-80E 10 800 3.5 247 870 X 460 X 1020 82
GVD-100E 10 1000 3.7 312 1070 X 460 X 1020 91
Common Electrical Specifications Work Capacity Air Consumption Sealing Method
AC220V, 1Ph, 50/60Hz 2~6 5~6kg Impulse Sealing
Features of Digital Controller
  Vacuum Sealer GVD-Series
  • Most modes in Korea: Sealing + Vacuum (3 Modes) + Gas Charging (4 Modes) => 8 modes
  • 25 preset memories which are the largest in Korea that offer easy-to-handle and rapid conversion to different work
  • Heat wire cutoff alarm system for the first time in Korea
  • Quick Mode applied to simplify handling and convenient for bulk operation
  • Key lock to prevent malfunction
  • Vacuum sensor for reliable vacuum packing
  • LED built-in to rapidly diagnose the machine
  • Compatible with external devices with many options