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Dry Pack
Dry Pak

Dry-Pak is a naturally occurring absorbent material. Comparing to the most commonly used desiccant, silica gel, which is manufactured from sodium silicate and sulfuric acid, Dry-Pak is based on mineral diatomite and zeolite.
Dry-Pak is a low-cost, environmentally friendly, and highly effective desiccant which will solve most of the moisture problems in the electronics, manufacturing, pharmaceutical,and food packaging industries.

Humidity Indicator Card
  Humidity Indicator Card

High relative humidity(RH) can cause significant, possibly irreparable damage to sensitive equipment, electronics, semiconductors, and supplies.
To ensure dehydration measures work, Humidity Indicator Cards(HICs) measure the relative humidity inside sealed packages to allow immediate visual inspection of whether it has sustained unsafe humidity levels. HICs are printed with moisture sensitive spots which respond to various levels of humiditywith a visible color change from blue(dry), through lavender, to pink(humid). The humidity inside dry packed barrier bags can be monitored by including an HIC inside.
When the bag is opened, the card can be examined for proper dryness inside the bag.
This indicates that the barrier bag and desiccant functioned correctly.