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BAG/Vacuum Packing Bag
norm(mm) thickness(mm) norm(mm) thickness(mm)
100x150 0.08 280x380 0.08
150x200 0.08 320x400 0.09
160x250 0.08 350x450 0.09
180x280 0.08 400x500 0.09
200x300 0.08 400x600 0.09
230x320 0.08 450x600 0.09
250x350 0.08 400x700 0.09
250x400 0.08 500x650 0.09

Excellent Heat Seal.
Excellent Gas Barrier feature (O2, N2, CO2 etc.) Good to keep the fragrance like coffee, perfume etc.
Tensile strength gives toughness not to tear to keep the inner product.
By product's property , you can add the Gas or deoxidant for long preservation.
Nice Freezing and Heating Residence allows freezing, Cold and sterilization of it at 80℃ for 30min.

Layer Composition : Nylon + PE + L-LDPE
GASUNG Vacuum Bag has multi-layered film Which are Nylon with nice Gas Barrier and L-LDPE with nice moisture barrier, Strength and Heat seal.
And both tow film are laminated by PE with high adhesiveness.
BAG/Vacuum Packing Bag
norm(mm) thickness(mm) norm(mm) thickness(mm)
100x150 0.1 250x350 0.1
130x200 0.1 320x400 0.1
150x250 0.1 350x450 0.1
170x250 0.1 400x500 0.1
200x300 0.1 400x600 0.1
By composite AL foil layer, it has Perfect Ultraviolet , Gas, Moisture Barrier and excellent bursting Strength.
Excellent heat Seal Good to preserve products with high tensile and burst strength.
By product's property Gas filling is available
Layer Composition : PET + AL + L-LDPE