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Packing film sticks closely to the products in the packed condition and its technology is widely used to pack bacon, ham, sausage, foods made of fish, Kimchi, artificial flavor, soybean paste, noodles, frozen food confectionary, pharmaceuticals, precision machine parts, communication optical machine.
As inner air is deflated, the decomposition by microorganism, rust on the metal parts can be prevented. But when it comes to the food, we sterilize it at 80℃ after packing because there might be some limit in inner vacuum degree. As packing size is the smallest one, it is convenient for transportation, storage and sterilization by heating.

  Vacuum state can be made when the air in the container, which resists average air pressure 760mmHg on the ground, is deflated by inhalation pump.
In case the container cannot resist average air pressure, it will be shrunk when the air is deflated. (Vinyl vacuum packing for food) Vacuum state (almost no air state) can be made if the air is deflated in a completely tight condition with plastic syringe, after closing the entrance.
  Vacuum has following features, of which technology is applied in almost all scientific technology fields and industrial fields Power generation by different pressure, Supply of extremely clean environment, Insulation effect, Possible Long Distance Flight of Particle, Evaporation and Sublimation, Maintaining Stable Plasma, Suppression of Biochemistry Reaction, Supply of Space Condition, etc.
  Vacuum Technology is applied in almost all industries and its importance is increased further day by day along with large-scale integration and development of proton element. Followings are typical fields
* High Technology : Industry-Semiconductor, FED
* Future Industry : Aerospace, Nuclear Fusion, New Composition(Material) Development
* Application for Industry: TV Brawn Tube/Monitor, Machinery/Coating on Optical Parts, Thermos(Vacuum) Bottle, Lamp   Refrigerating(freezing) Machine
* Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food : Producing Pharmaceutical items, Keeping Food, Dried Food by Vacuum Distillation by   Vacuum
* High-Science : An Accelerator, Surface Analysis Equipment, Mass Spectrometer
Vacuum Packing